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TheDebhir.com® website was developed to deliver further Light in Freemasonry
Please feel free to research our holdings of more than 350 Masonic Essays.
 It contains a comprehensive collection of Masonic written works and a number of research resources on every facet of Freemasonry in the world, on subjects associated with Freemasonry or with mystical and esoteric traditions. We connect the past to the future, so all generations will understand and appreciate the richness of Freemasonry wisdom. 

By creating our site, we offer the wisdom and knowledge of more than three centuries to worldwide audiences, enabling anyone interested in Freemasonry to access collections of the Masonic written works in order to use it in their personal researches, preserve, share and promote our past and present to others for the benefit and education of the Masonic Fraternity and the Public

Feel free to access our great collection of Masonic Fraternity wisdom and knowledge and use it for your personal researches and current work. Get the access to the ancient wisdom with a click and shine a bright light on our past and present to others for the benefit of the Freemasonry !
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