Master of whom ? Master of what ?

Teacher is a person who rules, which control has power, authority. Person also has something owner. Or a person who teaches educates. It is also a person who is taken as a model. Here is what Webster's says. His female counterpart sometimes adds a libertine erotic connotation. And if the lady wife, the one who wears the pants, reverses the traditional roles of wife and husband, the master chef replaces the traditional woman before her stove because this is a cook.

Incidentally, note that the master to dance is not a dancer but calipers with crossed arms used in the measurement of internal diameters. The word « master » is also an adjective. He characterizes that which is central, essential. Be master of something or do something means that you can freely or that one is free to do something to have. Master mason would it, as indicated by the definition of Larousse a person who rules and has dominion over apprentices and journeymen ? Would it be freer than others to do as he pleases ? Then that means for us the name of Master when we received the Most Venerable helped BB Supervisors, we identified the five Perfect Masters of the points ? What are the consequences of this grade in the operation of the Lodge ? What that means for each of us ? To answer these questions, I will take an example from secular life, and then I will use the ritual of exaltation to the rank of Master. Finally I conclude by attempting to define the duties imposed Master from the perspective of a method spanning thirty three degrees.

1. It is in contact with a large construction site of a college near my home that the idea came to me to work on this topic. In the middle of the building, the terms apprentice, journeyman and master mean something very concrete. The apprentice is the one who started in the business, he is learning contract, leaves school or has an insertion structure. He has to prove himself if he wants to be hired permanently. This is the HR who will receive it in an interview in which he will show his motivations and prove he has progressed.  Hired, then it will become a companion who will participate in the construction of the building. From the floor where I lived, I dominated the site and I was able to observe for two years, since the first sod to its commissioning. In a very small, because the old buildings still exist, to enable continuity lessons space, we had to build a new school. Thirty fellow workers were busy from morning to night 8:00 to 17 hours non-stop, everything in its place, like a little ant people totally dedicated to getting the job done. A sort of invisible intelligence regulated travel companions, the planned tasks.

He must say that at about 6 am, I was awakened by the construction crane and a small number of people were busy preparing for the different workstations, supplies bricks, blocks, beams. And in the evening after the departure of the workers, they were still there to check the job done, sometimes very late in the lamplight. Moreover, in the so-called base camp, were developed implementation plans submitted purchase orders, invoicing developed, planned the succession of subcontracting companies. All against teachers, engineers, construction managers form the so-called control word that is found in the phrase project management. However, the purpose of the work of the staff is less the material as we move up the hierarchy. It is the human who becomes the raw material. As you can see, my brethren, the pyramidal structure of the corporation of the building served as a model for Freemasonry to establish its method of learning, enlightenment and development in the search for truth and in the construction of our spiritual edifice. We will return.

2. Let us now see what is meant by the word of our Master Masonic method. In his affidavit, the newly exalted Master undertakes an oath to uphold and apply the principles derived from the symbolism of the square and compass and the five perfect mastery points. It is also committed to always fulfill faithfully and zealously obligations under the rank to which he had access. A few words about the symbolic aspect that discovered the new Master. With the compass symbol of the spirit and its power over matter, it may extend its areas of research to infinity while relativizing its power through discernment and justice. With the square, he will learn to exercise restraint and weighting. Sign of rectitude, it is the essential tool for rectifying the raw stone. It would take five different boards to define what is meant by the five perfect Mastery points. Let's quickly they symbolize the life force that should animate us, such a whirlwind that embrace us and take us to the top and to the law of love. From the end of the member, through the joints, this force is enriched our thinking, our experiences and just flourish in the heart by bringing insiders in a fraternal embrace. How could we make this gesture if we had not got rid of our prejudices towards each other, our suspicions, our false judgments, our ego, our jealousies, our ambitions ?

Is the approximation of ancient myths, delivered to the agenda by the humanists of the Enlightenment, with a taste for chemistry that had scientists from the Academy at the same time, which gave birth to Masonry in France in general and the myth of the death of Hiram? The most blatant example is given to us by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles which is based on Greek mythology and the achievement of the Great Work to describe the initiation process of accession to the light, then the Great Light, that of Truth, absolute knowledge. The message is clear: free you from the material, free you of your instincts associated with animalistic, visit sensitive to yourselves, to the music of the spheres. You can then become an actor yourself.

3. This exaltation of human possibilities, we find in the initiation appearance given the rank of Master. Such a change in status can be given to man only through a unique event. And what event, if not death, exits a state to access a new state knowing that never again will it be possible to go back. Christ, the mysteries of Eleusis are all access to new knowledge sources. Based on the construction of the temple to study Apprentice and Journeyman rank, the Freemason will be confronted with the story of the death of Hiram, which will give him the initiatory status assigned to the rank of Master.

Apprentice and Journeyman, the first Freemason working the rough stone and cut stone. He works with chisel and mallet on one knee. Become Master, he worked up. Apprentice and Journeyman, he executed; Master, he will have to monitor the site and to design, make plans to be implemented by the Companions and Apprentices and directing. Each degree mark for the initiate an increase in the work and conduct of the project: the Apprentice runs, the Assistant knows how to act by himself and for himself. Master, he worked for others. For this it will be for all the Brothers, an example, a memory and a reference.

His Master status is therefore required to familiarize him in an exemplary manner the rite, its history, the Constitutions and General Regulations. It is our duty to respect and to demand brotherly respect. He has the duty to work with regular work, participating in debates. What would be an example for Apprentices brothers and companions of a silent master at work ? It should occupy a position as an officer when the need arises. What authority would a CEO heating, for example, who could not solder a pipe ? What would we think of a boss of a construction company that does not put a brick ? Master mason therefore knows how to keep all the plates of the workshop and, knowing the Blazing Star, he tries to move in the directions of the star where he knows the least competent. The Master Mason has also the duty to be exemplary in his personal approach and in the knowledge and practice of rituals.

Master, especially the duty to serve. Pour it up ! Serving for the Master Mason is to assume freedom. Of his own free will, he is ready to give everything, be it himself to save, transmit and perpetuate the principles which were the basic rules of a method of personal development combining individual work and group work. To serve is to glorify him Work is work to the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Serve is to serve as the moral law, respecting its duties and obligations, fighting against corruption, fighting prejudices that oppose human knowledge to break the yoke of ignorance, fanaticism, and the ambition to establish the reign of Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood of. Free mason lodge in a free, yes, but the Master Mason is committed, he was sworn in; he has duties that may, if he has good art, authorize him to do anything, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. This conception of the virtues of Liberty is just a provocative vision and profane, so a desecration of the Masonic order, the Master Mason, for whom freedom is the ability to perform his duty, has a duty oppose altruism and solidarity dictated equality. Then, and only then, can emerge brotherhood, and these three vocabulary words « liberty, equality, fraternity » can be written with capital letters.

4. The Grade in which we work this afternoon is called mastery. Let the meaning of this word in Webster's. Its synonym is undisputed domination. It also means perfection, safety in the art. Self-control is to dominate, is keeping his cool.The initiation 3rd degree requires the grantee to change state: it plays the role of Hiram, Hiram is that occurring at the north gate, gets a plumb line on the left shoulder ; which, occurring at the south gate, gets a level on the right shoulder ; which, occurring at the east door, gets a mallet to the forehead, blow that end and kills him. The grantee that rocked in the coffin will be raised by the five perfect points and each Master Mason will recognize him as the Master who was murdered. Death, resurrection, and the survey by five points form the perfect foundation for exaltation. The survey is to be considered as a break for raise awareness on and in a different kind. For the third level of our rite, more than the death of Hiram, the important initiation is raising the master by the five perfect points.

Never again will the Assistant who works on one knee. Now it is in the upright position it will complete its work. He changed state (« the flesh leaves the bones ») and was raised to pass. We find the same symbolic nature of this change in the resurrection of Christ who rises from the grave. Change of position, change of status, change of status, and change in the nature of the process.

The rank of Master gives purpose to the accession to the fourth degree and following. Masonic approach is a progressive method, it cannot be completed until climbing, at their own pace, the different degrees of the rite. We all posed these questions : What happened to the master Hiram ? What happened to the killers ? Will we continue the construction of the temple knowing that our master is dead ? What were his secret words carried them in death ? How regain the lost word can we ? How can we give us the title of Master if we do not have the answer to all these questions ? Mastery is not a fixed state, a stair end, a stop signal. There may be a break for better establish his knowledge of tools and men. It is especially a great bearing on opening more spaces on the infinite path of our Truth.


My Brothers, who am I to you to advertise for degrees beyond the rank of Master ? I keep myself well. I am neither competent nor authorized to do so. However, I remain convinced that, since we chose an individual and progressive way, we cannot be satisfied with where we arrived. A popular saying says « not forward, backward ». Everyone chooses his way, and it would be pretentious of me to pass judgment on the process of my Brother. I can only encourage him to continue his personal research a master every day more assertive about himself. We are far from any control over the other brothers of the lodge. I will conclude by taking two quotes. The first comes from Nietzsche : « become ever one you are, be the master and the sculptor of yourself ».The second is marked by a large insider and a great teacher is Buddha tells us : « He who is master of himself is more powerful than that master of the world ».

Translated from French by P\ B\ - Date 05/11/2014

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