The Master and the Legend of the Hiram


Rose to the rank of Companion last trip took place hands free, cleared of all tools. Exalted to the rank of master, so I have more tools but now a legend, that of Hiram me in this case is proposed. Annoyed and putting, I think that definitely we would never be big enough to work without support. Eventually as time went on, I resolve to consider that this may be a way to grow and learn about this control. So I got down to work, thrown into the water as the fish I'm with infinite hope not to run. The seabed was lush.

First of all, what is a Master ?

The etymology of the word evokes initially one that has a power which may freely what he has in fact or law : property, for example (the master of these places) or persons « my lord and master ». Latin makes a distinction between the magister, the leader, the one that shows one that leads students or staff and Dominus, the householder, the dominant one. The master can be the one who has skills (master of art, the butler), and also the virtues or vices (master of wisdom, self-possessed, master in deceit). The key word is working to both abstract concepts, intellectual or moral.

Pascal expressed in His Thoughts :

« When passions are mistresses, they are vice ».

The master is the one who holds a certain knowledge and using it to inform, to work as the schoolmaster. This is the same logic that in corporations of the Middle Ages, the owner of the company, trader or craftsman holding trade secrets is a master who rules companions, apprentices and employees. In fact be it knowledge, knowledge or transmission, there is both a notion of power and possession. The foreman or architect is also masters: their power is the authority and responsibility as a contractor. But I did it not say that Hiram was an architect !

And besides who is this Hiram ?

Hiram is a name given to two characters in the Bible, one being Hiram king of Tyre, the 2nd Hiram Abi, the master Hiram,, the contractor. Hi, root bilateral means life and Ram has the meaning in Hebrew throw, throw.

Hiram appears in the Bible about the temple during the reign of Solomon, playing an important role in the design and use of metals, especially in building the pillars of brass (brass, copper alloy and tin or silver symbol of marriage of the sun and moon, water and fire) the brazen serpent preserves death and symbolizes divine protection.

Tubalcain in the Bible, the most skilled workers in brass, bronze sculptor objects and iron related to both Vulcan and Hiram Smith.
Recall that the Middle Ages blacksmiths producing swords shields, armor had considerable importance and that the myth of the legendary blacksmith belongs heritage. The blacksmith is not he the man who forged his destiny? The forge can be an allegory of heart, tree spine and lungs bellows.

When did Hiram appear in Free -masonry ?

The majority of former Masonic manuscripts designated under the name of « Old Charges » present Hiram the builder as the son of the king of Tyre. The manuscript « Cook » circa 1420 states : « Solomon employed 80,000 Masons ; the son of the king of Tyre was the master mason ».

This is the king Nimrod, builder of the tower of Babel in the Regis manuscript, that is attributed menarche data masons to govern. In the first edition of the Constitutions of Anderson from 1723 where the rank of master is absent; an important place is given to the construction of the temple. Hiram's death is absent from the Bible and that's just in the Talmud that include the first written one death.

Yet for us Freemasons accessing control, the ritual of the death of Hiram is essential. This death has a dramatic game in which the exaltation companion tipped to simulate the hero's death. Its rebirth into a new man the teacher is invited to follow the traces of this hero who in fact is it. This stand expressed « in our BB or our SS... Hiram reviews the day ».

The myth of Hiram – Its origin?

Myths are probably related to the beginnings of agriculture with the changing seasons and cycles. Thus we find the fertility rite. The seed dies to germinate. Putrefaction is integrated lifecycle. Among the most famous myths include, that of Osiris. Thus the oldest known god man suffered, died, was buried and rose again to enter heaven where he reigns forever. Osiris and had a twin brother too bad that he was good. Set decided to seize the kingdom and thus kill Osiris and marry his wife, Sister Isis. So he killed Osiris Isis but managed to recover the body of her husband. Set the corpse he found dismembered and scattered to the winds. Isis, however, picked up the pieces except the genitals, reconstituted the body and brought to life Osiris became the ruler of the West from the other world. Those who wanted to overcome death should be identified with Osiris and follow the test symbolically lived by God. With the fourteenth part, Isis conceived Horus; the figure of Isis rose to prominence and became the ideal type of mother and wife, the perfect woman.

In the myth of Eleusis, defeat death by dying and rising is the purpose of education. Thus a priest coated mask Demeter brought an oral revelation and taught the secret formulas of recognition and passwords.

In the mythology of the northern countries, the concept of the center is paramount. The forest is the perfect sanctuary ; oak, ash, birch, yew rowan and hazel trees are sacred while clearing in the center of the forest stands of the lodge in Old French. All initiatory journeys through the fort since we must necessarily go through the forest to get from one country to another in Europe.

The study of the pagan cults shows us how Christianity is a syncretism of these cults that the church rejected after having borrowed various elements.

The legends

It is also likely that each construction forged his legend whenever we find the theme of betrayal and murder such as the Cathedral of Utrecht or Roselyn Chapel in Scotland; this reflects the rebellious spirit that prevailed in the circles of builders. I cannot fail to mention the legend of Master Jacques I do recall that some elements ; « After I joined the supreme being, I will continue to watch over you, I want the last kiss that I give you, you always give the Companions that you will like their father before they will pass it along ».

In the 5th fragment of the legend, Master Jacques trip. The trip is associated with the initiation and the ancient masters have traveled. Hiram exception. No long journey not ascribed. He is the stranger from elsewhere to accomplish a specific mission. At the funeral is raised a pall on which are deposited objects companionship. Why not take an analogy to the mat box ? This journey into the ancient cults shows us how to compose and decompose and recompose the captions. A hero can -be both himself and another. Thus the legend of Hiram after one of the largest myths of mankind adopts this pattern triptych of birth, death and rebirth.

Why ?

This is one of my first questions. During the 1st and 2nd degrees tools are entrusted to us. They are a way for us to work, to progress.

The first level offers, especially the apprentice how knowledge itself but also to the common participation therefore the action work and creation.

Companion for his part, has already done a bit of his initiatory path and because of that more able to understand others. His knowledge is complemented by a perception of a relationship between humans and their natural environment and universal.

Managed to control so we have a free hand but are in search of spirituality and the legend of Hiram is our support this, I think the main difference between the first and third grades. To witness the compass is now located on the bracket indicating the dominance of mind over matter.

Also while in the temple we scored on our travels along the angles of the square, at this grade we mark them adopting a more circular motion.
In fact, this ritual tends to transform the initiate and give the fullness of his being. Offering initiatory rights and duties, the master mason is not only a master of the lodge. He wants to acquire knowledge and therefore has certain wisdom.

Why the death ?

The right to life and therefore the right to death previously belonged to the gods as Zeus, Athena, Apollo, and Artemis. In humans coexist even life and death. Scary and frightening, death is symbolically perishable and destructible aspects of existence. We talk about the death of a loved one, a friendship, a plant. In contrast we are talking about the end of a beautiful day and not his death. Synonymous with separation, death is the end, the culmination of a cycle of nothingness door or ever after the convictions of each and can be access to a new life.

The symbolism of death is echoed in the arcane 13th tarot arcane that has no name because it is an evil appearance corresponding to the cyclic course of human life. For Wirth, this Arcanum is the detachment, disillusionment, pessimism, discouragement.

In alchemy, the subject that will give the material of the philosopher's stone in a confined and private container from any outside contact should die and putrefy. For us, masons, the death of Hiram has other meanings. Both liberating, daughter of the night, sister sleep is access to the mind, consciousness. We reject it is nothing. Death to a level condition of life to another level and becomes a condition of progress. This is where the myth of Hiram is a means of access to knowledge.

In fact, the man trapped in his visible world wants to know and dominate the unseen forces that are hostile to it symbolizes by 3 evil companions and their characteristics Ignorance, bigotry, hypocrisy. The French rite, this rebel nature, science, truth... For humans, it is important to shed its pretensions, prejudices, vested interests, his infirmities to access something else. The man has to make sense of his approach. Einstein as saying « the most extraordinary is that this world has a meaning ». This is the meaning of the process that makes Hiram accepts death rather than pandering to bad companions. This death, end of life opens the way to a different life, a different understanding of the universe by giving it a new dimension; is access to spirituality. As stated, Goethe in his poem Nostalgia blessed.

« Die and become »

We also need to identify us based on something we do not know and who is above of immediate interest. For us, staying at own knowledge of ourselves does not make sense ; our previous progression would be unnecessary. The blows from the 3 companions lead to regression of Hiram : Indeed the rule on the right shoulder, Hiram deprives his material ability to work the lever on the left shoulder takes away all feelings Hiram mallet on Front removes the intellectual faculties ; exterminating completely.

Hiram died this means that conscience is higher than the underlying law. The idea is that man can give meaning to his life and ensure respect for human dignity by being able to say no and to this risk of his life. Hiram is both performer and authority because it controls more than 300,000 men. He holds an earthly power based on tradition builders it acts as a responsible because he died. Because of the violence of human passions, and for him it is better to die than consent to this cowardice that would give the password. He symbolizes the Wise, the Wise. However Hiram is alone ; he has no friends. His only relationship is the Queen of Sheba who plays with his seductress. (This may be the weakness of Hiram !). It represents humanity on, attached to his duty to accept the consequences of his actions as opposed to Jesus implore his father : « Forgive them, they know not what they do ».

Hiram is he in everyone ? The acacia

Nature, accomplice of justice involved in the discovery of the remains of the man who was killed by treachery various legends mention. Include the golden bough Aeneas would pick for her father, it is this same golden bough that finds Polydor in the legend of Priam told by Virgil. For us Masons, Hiram ended up with acacia, symbol of rebirth and immortality.

Why acacia ? Acacia is a natural law of all life. This plant is resistant to rot and desiccation is to say its vigor and strength.

Acacia evokes the natural cycle that feeds on itself. Living matter will decompose dies and becomes inert material used as food for other living beings. That's life pulling the substance of death. Meanwhile, the life of the mind feeds on the remains of the thought of missing teachers. The spirit is reborn forever. This is immortality.

The discovery of the tomb confirms the death of the master and his ability to die, but it also indicates that death is not the end, what matters is the continuity of the transmission. Indeed, Hiram is responsible for the construction site. This desire to build leads a delegation which allows when it disappears, the site can be given to others. So is the transmission. See Hiram did not speak. It tries to prove that this is not an idea that needs to be passed but a function. How the teacher can be replaced ? The disciple must not kill the master yet it kills and it becomes the master and as the flower dies when the fruit replaces the master dies. Eating the father in some societies is a trademark of veneration. The son is attributed to the virtues of the father in his flesh and absorbing what tomb more desirable for a father than his own body of his son. This is the Christian communion : eat this is my body... Our everyday language is full of expressions worthy of cannibalism such deliciously beautiful, the devouring flame of love...or I cannot digest it if you did not like someone !

During the course of the ritual, we proceed to the recovery of broken down by 5 points to control body. One can draw a parallel with the legend of Noah mentions that Sem., Sam, Japheth covered the decomposed body of their father Noah to discover the secret, the secret Hiram won by dying and who makes us seek the Lost Word.

The finger ripped off, raising the death brace against living; foot against foot, knee against knee, cheek against cheek and hand in the back with the jack at the beginning of the wrist is a ritual. The goal is to talk about the death to force him to reveal what he has learned in another world. Under the theme of resurrection, there will wrest the secret of death. For builders, it is to ask the secret word of Freemasonry. Know the words continue the way through the maze, tracking necessary for understanding of self and the universe. Speech, the key gives both knowledge and authority even though the substituted word chosen after the death of Hiram remains in my view, a simple sign of gratitude.

As conclusion

By accessing the control, I have no claim to have acquired wisdom, the total capacity to dominate my own imperfections, to discipline my attention and action to perfect for my guidance relativity required.

But I think I have acquired since taking freemasonry a certain detachment that makes me accept things, opinions without censorship. I learned and still know doubt, one without which any progress becomes barren. I have known and know humility, one that when I was introduced to let me think I was very small. Today even though I have the feeling of having grown up a bit, I still feel very small.

Finally, I venture to tell you about one of my previous questions as profane, the one that had fear me almost obligation to believe in reincarnation. Today master, I do not have the same apprehension I am reassured. There was certainly renaissance but the difference is essential for me, it is spiritual and suits me much better.

For me to be master, not have a title but it is trying to acquire a way of being because for each of us as my desire is that of development. Neither stone nor metal ; the work that we have to pursue is that of our inner temple in order to gain control of ourselves, controlling our actions among others, participation with confidence to the future of humanity and power pretend improve human and humanity and all with tolerance and brotherhood.

This still involves a lot of work, a lot of thought. I dare thus appropriating the words of Camus in the myth of Sisyphus : The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. Must imagine Sisyphus happy. The will I be ?

Bobin just write : « there put a star in the sky for all of us, far enough for our mistakes never come tarnish ».

Translated from French by P\ B\ - Date 04/11/2014

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