The First Journey : The five senses

It was during his first journey to the future mate is called to meditate on the five senses. Equipped with a mallet and chisel he holds in his left hand, he made ​​a tour of the temple by making the right hand the sign of the apprentice. Arrived in the west, at the end of the journey, he stopped at the beauty column and reads the cartridge which is inscribed : sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

In the explanations provided to it, he learns that the chisel is the knowledge acquired during learning and the mallet symbolizes the active energy implements. It is through the mallet and chisel the stone be turned into cube worthy to take place in the building of freemasonry. But how to work the stone if you do not know the rough ? « Above all, the mason who wants to approach the perfection must seek to know itself » must get to know his true nature to not lie. To be a good worker, you have to develop the five senses because they are the means necessary to control the search for truth, just as they are the tools necessary for making contact with the outside.

One may wonder how the meaning may well be necessary for self-knowledge ? Should there be sensible knowledge referred to as the symbol of a profound knowledge ? « The great architect has endowed us with sense to convey to our minds the perfection of what is outside, as within us ». There is a correspondence between the physical and the senses of the soul sense.

We need to develop our senses to know and to remove our shortcomings. From what I know so far of the ritual of the blue masonry, passing fellow is the only case where mention is made of the five senses. However, we can not say that the implicit reference is also non-existent. It is « his signs, words and touching » that recognizes a Mason « signs are for sight words on hearing, touching the touch ».

The order of words corresponds to the cartridge read in front of the beauty column. It seems that the picture is deliberately placed in one direction before the hearing. This focus on the view can probably be explained by the nature of Freemasonry where the accession to the knowledge symbolically understood as receiving light. The eye in the center of the light delta confirms once again the primacy accorded by the freemasonry within the meaning of vue or touch. In lodge is Revered agrees that light and sight and therefore, while the speaker agrees hearing (he was the last to speak, he is the one who listened to the end).

Finally note that both ways are particularly neglected in the ritual : the taste, which comes into play after the first degree, upon absorption of the drink and the bitter smell, which does is not required for what I know of the ritual. Ways to approach reality, the five senses are paths leading to knowledge ; self-knowledge, knowledge of others, knowledge of the external world. Organs are receivers of information capable of informing us about the shapes, volumes, colors, etc., and thus to understand the reality of a thing or a being by giving us various characteristics. With the development of intelligence, the man tends to release the raw data provided by the senses. They are aided and gradually shaped by reason and by sociocultural factors. The mind operates as filter and interprets messages from the sense organs. Instrument of knowledge, the five senses also enable communication with others. The sensory information is often loaded with a dose of affection. The senses lead the way of aesthetic emotion, love, faith.

The beloved is simultaneously a nice visual image, a scent, a sound harmonious voice. It occurs between sensory reception and translation at the intellect dialectical path that says that if the value judgments are often formed from the evidence of the senses in turn the opinion that we have built the subject to retroactive physical representation of our senses. That someone we love for its beauty and find it beautiful because we love it. There is a correspondence between the five traditional senses, and some faculties of the human mind.

- As to the view in the physical sense of the term is often clairvoyance. There visionary but shortsighted reasoning.
- A hearing is listening or understanding, that is to say, a mental attitude of readiness and openness.
- A smell can match resentment as the flair of a businessman.
- To taste is the judgment of intellectual, aesthetic or ethical.
- And finally touch can match the sensitivity in the relationship with others.

Knowledge tools and instruments of communication, meaning can therefore be valuable aids for the seeker of truth.

We must now ask how much confidence we can give to our senses and extensions to our intellectual faculties which are the spiritual counterparts. The senses, far from infallible often prove insufficient or even misleading.

Individuals do not all have the same sensory equipment: no one sees, feels, hears the same colorblind manner. They do not have a common color palette. Worse, the blind, deaf or does not perceive the world around us in the way, although atrophy of meaning is often offset by the hypertrophy of another, it does not follow less difficult to overcome disability. Natural inequalities may even be aggravated by unequal use of sensory or mental mechanisms. At the beginning of mankind, man was capable of feats olfactory, visual and auditory and decreasing the need, the function is impoverished and limited body. The senses are incomplete and relatively unreliable means : worst, they can lead us astray.

We can be a victim of date auditory or visual hallucinations or through unfortunately pathology simply either by special effects in film, or a painting trompe l'oeil for example.

Identically, in the exercise of the spiritual life, it is not uncommon to make mistakes due to irrational sympathies, intuitions uncontrolled hasty conclusions. The senses are misleading because they belong to the realm of appearances. That is why it is perhaps to balance perception and reasoning in us, experience and methodical doubt.

Mason should strive to maximize its capabilities (five senses) without concealing that he must work to advance accepting criticism and advice. At this price it will integrate its work with the joint work in accordance with its capabilities. Some beings possess exceptional gifts that allow them to have visions or to project into the future. Inspiration is a projection of meaning in time, we speak of foreboding forecast.

In order to develop the acuity of the senses, sometimes processes found in Muhammad as in Jesus. -Young Observed the use of natural techniques, loneliness, darkness are other employ artificial techniques such as the Verlaine called his absinthe green fairy. Its beings will develop a new sense which includes both the traditional five senses and we simply called the sixth sense. They say that these individuals are symbolically with a third eye.

But for most of us, it can happen to us for a few moments to have a sixth sense, but we must accept it with caution and humility. If sometimes we can deflect the side of the imagination, we must return quickly on the side of right. With this type of approach, coupled with an attitude of tolerance, the mason can hope to build on the traditional five senses to decipher, beyond the visible, invisible.

Translated from French by P\ B\ - Date 04/11/2014

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