Word : Journeys of Fellow Craft
Name of some trials that the candidate has to put up with in the symbolic Initiation
 or in the ceremonies of advancement in grades (raises in salary).

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Collection of 10 pieces of Architecture on the title
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Page  Nb Date Title of Board, publication or article with the "word" Grade
5023A3 The Five senses to the five Journeys of the
5023A1 The 1st journey of the Fellow Craft and the
Five Senses
5002A5 The 5th journey hands free
5002A2 The great Journey of the Fellow Craft
5002A1 The Journey, the path, the road
5005A4 The fifth Journey : The Work
5002A3 Third Journey : The 7 liberal Arts
5033A1 Second Journey, The Order of Architecture
5023A2 The First Journey, The five senses
The Journeys of the Fellow

5002A0 The Debhir - contact@thedebhir.com \