The five pointed Star

 Still close to the animal, the vital instinct of early man that told them the urgent need to strengthen their moral strength and not fear death to save humanity's chances of survival. Fearful, worried, they drew their hope in the contemplation of the universe which suggested their serene and immutable laws of universal harmony.

Early on, they used the stars to express their vision of the world, before their thought is refined, streamlined. These luminaries have been and remain the primary symbols convey to today all culture accumulated since the dawn of time. Currently, they decorate our temple, presiding over the destiny of humanity, rich in all meanings of enlightenment methodical centuries helped to add to them. We recognize the role and importance of the sun and moon.

The stars, more moving, more varied forms, expressed more subtle meanings; such is the case of the five-pointed star, the pentagram.

The five-pointed star is common to all traditions, as evidenced by its presence in over forty flags. Already one of the Neolithic graffiti (in Ariege, Olargues in Hérault), it appears in Egyptian mythology, Isis and Horus as a representative, Mother Earth and the Sun. The starry sky, painted in Egyptian tombs, is also provided with the five-pointed stars. In Greek mythology, the name of Ugéia because of Hygeia, goddess of health, it had a therapeutic value as pent alpha of life and health. In the Bible, the Magi were able to perceive and follow the shining star that was to lead to the unborn child. More than any other regular polygon, the five-pointed star is representative of the laws of harmony and symbolizes the macrocosm and the microcosm. It is indeed a strict application of the special relationship par excellence, the golden or divine proportion relationship, which is expressed by the number of gold.

Anything that gives our eyes or our ears a pleasant feeling of beauty and harmony was built based on the golden ratio and the rate five, hence its multiple applications in all the arts : painting, sculpture, architecture and music. That is why the Pythagoreans choose the five-pointed star emblem and make it the center of their meditations. Indeed, they were scientists and the first to translate into law the secrets of the universe.

Who does not know the famous Pythagorean Theorem ? Convinced of the profound unity of the world and wish to incorporate the rhythm of the universe they applied to decipher, they perceived and reflected the mysterious harmony which allowed them both to understand the creation and continued the creative act. The perfect representation of this universal harmony was precisely for the Pythagoreans, the pentagram or triple triangle backcrossing. Why ? Five is the first number that results from the addition of two and three, that is to say the first pair and odd numbers.

The even number represents the feminine principle and the odd male principle. Therefore, adding the two face life manifests, generation and specifically the ultimate product of the generation : the harmonious man, created according to Genesis, in the image of God. The pentagonal symmetry is present in most living organisms ; This observation holds true in humans, which has five senses, five fingers, in plants, flowers with five petals, echinoderms, starfish, and the apple, cut perpendicular to Faxed its stalk contains its center a five-pointed star.

It is therefore right that the Pythagoreans were able to make the pentagram star the perfect representation of the human body in harmony and solidarity of the entire living world, illustrated later by Leonardo da Vinci who enrolled a man, his head raised in higher angle, feet apart, firmly planted in both legs from below, holding out his arms in both upper arms as if to embrace the universe.

With a single point upwards, it is considered active and beneficial; by against the reverse, with two points upward pentagram is considered passive and evil ; some occultists have registered it as a goat's head emblem instincts and animalist. Do not forget to mention the cathedral builders of the Middle Ages, masons operative who expressed their genius builder by the star that is found in many churches, reflecting the harmony of the cosmos, where everything is carefully ordered. They knew the pentagram and it was indeed one of their major symbols, along with the preferred geometric tool for building temples, that is to say, the bad and transform inert stone buildings constructed in the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

In Freemasonry, the blazing star is a central figure in our symbolic. In the Temple, it shines in the East, between the sun and the moon, when the work is open to the second degree and that is after the fifth trip that future life partner discovers. It goes from the normal level, that is to say having enough depth the elements of knowledge ; it becomes able to consider them in their relations with the world, with the cosmos.

In the ritual to the rank of life partner, the Venerable Master asks : « Are you life partner ? » life partner and respond : « I saw the blazing star ».The five points of the star represent the five senses.

They inform us about the external world and allow us to communicate with him. They ensure our relationship with our environment and provide pleasure or pain, as this relationship is smooth or aggressive. Also, the sixth item, invisible armature and equidistant from the five peaks represent the center, our center. The center, one of the circles reflects the presence of the divine principle, the prevalence of mind over matter, the need for a harmonious relationship between the individual and the outside world, a happy coordination between his body and mind.

Considering that star that shines, flaming, the mason must understand this precept of the alchemists « the work is hidden and mysterious in you wherever you go, it will be with you, provided they do not seek it without ».

The blaze is the sign of radiation ; it comes from an inner fire that illuminates and regenerates. The Mason received light; this light is in it and woke his conscience. Consciousness is primarily that of solidarity, dual solidarity: horizontal, with all living beings, and vertical, with the aspiration of a life evolving towards more intelligence, love and fraternity. Find the center is therefore being at the center of the union.

The five-pointed star represents the man, but not just any harmonious, bright man. It is expected to develop in him a stronger principle that the four elements and overcomes the actual animal. The five has become four, the fifth essence or quintessence prevailed over the quaternary elements. So the five is the number of man, as it is the life partner: she is five years old, she made ​​five trips, she hits five times in his hands to run the battery, its course is not five.

The rank of life partner, the square and compass cross balanced way ; a branch of Compass prevails on a branch of the square and vice versa. Both tools allow you to build the five-pointed star. According to Boucher, the star can be built in a square (in front of the cubic stone) ; four points join the side and bottom sides and the two directors circles are tangent to the upper side. There is an essential metaphysical report : the star does not affect the higher planes ; only the circles drawn with a compass achieve it. We know that the square, passive tool lets you draw a square, a symbol of the earth ; compass, active tool is used to draw the circle, a symbol of heaven. The circle will be squared what heaven will be to earth, eternity to time, but the square is inscribed in a circle, that is to say that the earth is dependent on the sky.

As stated by Hermes Trismegistus in the Emerald Tablet : « What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below to accomplish the miracles of one thing ». So to that rank, those of Man harmonious, bright, matter and spirit are balanced perfectly. To assist and support them in this search for balance, harmony, life partner has multiple levers.

Geometry is the science of the mason, that expressed by the square and compass. However, science cannot remain mason contemplative ; it must be operative. The geometric structure of the temple is its hidden frame on which it is built and through which he continues to this day ; for Mason, the hidden structure is his mental frame. Internal geometry, the work of the mind, the mastery of his passions, the fair valuation of acts, thoughts. Also, I would mention the formula of Plato : « that no one enter under my roof is not a geometer ».

Like the high from inert stone temple, the mason must build an organization that can decipher the riddle of life, the mysteries of generation ; the man of genius is one who has mastered the art of building, the one that connects via a bridge, the two banks of a river, between microcosm and macrocosm, between himself and the universe, between its immediate impulses and his life plan. The Mason must feel the sense of being a useful link in the chain of union. Thus, the genius implies knowledge, gnosis. It is acquired through the work that the life partner should glorify, and the personal search for the hidden meaning of the symbols.

Therefore, we have to strip to discover yourself, find his first reality its center, that of the star, invisible, ordering and structuring the five branches.

Just as the universe owes its stability to the attraction that all bodies exert on each other, gravitation, thus governs the physical world, in the moral sphere becomes the image of the cohesive force without which living stones we would certainly dislocate. Unity of the universe, matter, gravity also symbolizes the fraternal unity. It is the star that we find the true path, following the plumb which by gravity gives us the other direction : the depth that allows the more you dig, to rise and so beyond the ego. It summarizes both our essence and our internal geometry. We are all stardust, true alchemical crucibles that nourish the universe; they are the stuff of which we are composed.

Between heaven and earth, between the compass and square, the star appears human, harmonious assembly of a little mud which, according to Genesis, was breathed a parcel of divine breath. It allows the passage of the square circle, that is to say the angle compass, progressive prevalence of mind over matter. Thus, for an undefined set of resonances and rhythms that reflect and respond, construction rises, becomes vertical, becomes air at the same time it raises the mason who contemplates and makes contact with beauty, strength, wisdom, which are the various names of universal harmony.

Know how to look and understand, move from understanding to action, and that the act is just and perfect, will rectify itself, is put before the square, perpendicular and level.

In conclusion, I would like to quote this verse of Nicolas of Lyra, a poet of the fourteenth century :

« The letter teaches facts
Allegory what to believe,
Moral what to do,
The anagoges that towards which we must strive

Translated from French by P\ B\ - Date 05/11/2014

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