How to write the Three Points in triangle ?

The Masonic system is characterized by the intensive use of initials and abbreviations. The most characteristic and used abbreviation by the F\M\ is the Three Points (\) or tri punctuation, which has originated from Fellow Crafts. They were previously called "Brothers Three Points" (or also "Sisters Three Points"?).

The use of the Three Points has widely spread from the XVIIIrd century. These had two main functions: to serve as abbreviation in signatures and to inform of the document's confidential aspect.

But let us return to our subject: how to write them correctly (in the shape of Delta) using your keyboard in Microsoft Word program?

Let us open our Word document. First go to the menu “Insert” and then “Symbol”, secondly "More Symbols", and the option “Special Characters”. (Figure 1).


Figure 1

Select the option “Special Characters”. A screen displays. Select then the tab “Symbols”, the map of the special characters displays (Figure 2). Open the "Font" category and select "Symbol". Then locate the special character " Three Points " and select it. Once you got this character selected go to "Shortcut keys" at the very bottom of the screen and click it. Then another screen displays (Figure 3). This new screen will allow us to assign a shortcut (combination of keyboard keys) to enable an automaticall and fast insertion of the required character Three Points (\).


Figure 2


Figure 3

Once you pressed the "Shortcut key" and the new window popped out, type in the "Press new shortcut key" the combination "Ctrl" and "A", which spells: "Ctrl+A" (Figure 3) then, click "Assign" and later "Close". Then, you can also close the screen "Special Characters" by clicking on the cross "X" in the top right-hand corner.

Now you're all done with enabling that character for your Microsoft Word.
"Ctrl+A" will automatically insert the symbol for the Three Points.
This same procedure can be done for any other characters like the Delta (Δ). In the case of Δ, choose in "Font" section, “Normal Text”.
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