How to Download the Ordered Collections

Once your purchases of Articles' Collections or Old Books are ordered and paid for, you receive 3 successive E-mails:

  • Confirmation of Order
  • Accepted Payment
  • Virtual Product to Download

E-mail: Confirmation of Order
 This E-mail resumes the elements of your order:

  • N° of order (with date and hour), method of payment
  • References of the products bought: titles, unit price, quantities and total amount paid.

E-mail: Accepted Payment
This E-mail is a reminder of your order history, specifying its number.
It also indicates the confirmation of your order's payment.
It proposes two links:
- History of your successive orders
- My Account ... Your Account details.
E-mail: Product to Download
 - This E-mail indicates the number of products you have to download.
 - Direct links to download the files:
 - The expiration date of the download is generally 30 days
 - The number of possible downloads is usually 1
Advices for downloading
Click on "the link" or "one of the links" of your order.
A window displays, giving you 3 possibilities:
1 - Open 
2 - Save 
3 – Cancel
1 - If you click on "Open"
The file opens. You can consult it, copy passages, print etc. … 
But it is better to click on the "File" menu (upper left button of your screen) and to select "Save a copy". In the window which appears, choose the place where you want to save it.
Click on "Save". You can then close the document. It is copied in the place you put it.
Warning: If you close without saving, the ordered Collection is considered "Delivered"...
You will not be able to download it again.
2 - If you click on "Save" 
In the window which displays, choose the place you want to save it. 
You may be asked the desired format of the file: PDF, text, Word or online Excel. 
Choose: PDF format. 
Click on the button "Save", the Collection will be saved in the chosen place.

 3 - If you click on "Cancel"
The window closes. You cannot download your file anymore. 
If you miss a download, do not buy the product again, but send us an E-mail to
We would be pleased to send you back one or several Collections by E-mail.

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