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Get your iPad, iPhone, iPod to read to you..
   - Daily, you ride your car for a rather long time.
   - You have an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod.
Manage your iPad, iPhone, iPod to read to you the Collections of Articles and the Old Books of Edition.
You can do that by:
   - Using the VoiceOver application for the iPad (1) or
   - Downloading the iBooks application for Apple (2)
and learn more about it:

(1) The iPad has an underestimated feature: VoiceOver. It is about the technology of speech synthesis (Text-to-Speech) installed on Mac and iPhones for several years and which permits the people suffering from visual deficiencies to navigate the device. And luckily, it is simple to divert this technology to make the iPad read eBooks, directly from iBooks.

(2) The application iBooks is the ingenious solution for downloading and reading books and Collections.

This software allows you to browse through your collection of books, to select a book or a Collection by touching it on your screen, to go through it by sliding the finger on the screen or simply by touching a page, to place bookmarks on your favourite passages or to add notes.


Downloading Methods with

You bought Collections of Articles and/or republications of Old books.
You receive an e-mail which mentions: "You have XX available products".
For each product, click on its link. Then you have two options:
1. Open the product, then click “Save”
2. Download

If you miss the download window, or if a product does not load, or if you exhausted the number of possible downloads -
Do not buy the document again.
Send an e-mail to, we will send you the missing product.


  1. Issues with displaying the homepage of the website
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    everal reasons.
    Do not hesitate to inform us about it at, and meanwhile, try the following:
- The server of the websites shows it to be unavailable.

   It is rarely the case. Indeed, with more than 5.000 visitors a day, we are immediately informed about it and the order is restored rapidly.

- Your PC could be in "Airplane mode"
   To switch it to “normal mode”, go to PC Settings; under the Category “Network” you will find the “Airplane Mode” box, so you can unclick it. Under Wireless devices, tap or click the devices you want to turn on.

- Your browser got stuck on a “not accessible page” and is just showing you the last message or the offline cached page.

   Several instructions for this issue:
       - Clicking the F5 button or the combination Ctrl+F5, forces your browser to refresh and look for an updated page.
       - Go to a blank page, then click on the “≡“ tab in the upper right corner and click "More Tools" or Settings, then "clear browsing data" (Ctrl+Shift+Delete)

If after these steps, your problem remains unresolved, there’s a strong possibility that the cause is your "MailBox".

     - Restart your computer.

If your problem persists, contact your operator to indicate the current situation.

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