The Three points

Across the slew of Written Architectures published on the Internet, the Masonic "Three Points" are representated by various ways.
In the area, we are very creative. Some examples
  :.   .:   .•.   .*.   :•    .-. 

The triangular Three Points are often difficult to find on our computers' keyboards.

Let's see this subject : How to write the Three Points

The Three Points in the classic form are displayed below. Some of them are made by points put side by side.

3 points Police Taille Gras
\ Symbol (*) 12 Not bold
.·. Time new Roman 12 Bold
\ Symbol (*) 24 Not bold
.·. Time new Roman 24 Bold
\ Symbol (*) 48 Not bold
.·. Time new Roman 48 Bold

(*) Careful :
  - In the html language, symbols above are taking another appearence. Do not worry about it.
  - The use of this font may turn your keyboard into Greek,

    Then you need to copie and stuck a normal font behind to put back your normal keyboard.


This little picture is so sympathic
This special font is obtained thanks to the letter type "DejaVu Sans". It should be noted that these Three Points are square shaped  

Another method :
Write the point : . 
And press the touch « alt » typing 0183 :     · 
And then another point :  .
This should give you     

To complete this page, two fonts to begin chapters :

Ball Chapter

Square Chapter

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