The Benefits of an online Masonic Library


The website is the little brother of the Website L'EDIFICE. 
They will easily offer the same possibilities and the same contents/information as the French website. 

Additional information: the objectives of the website are to be a gold mine of information on all the Masonic subjects from any Obediences. 
Therefore, the published documents are selected and sorted out to correspond to the main goal. 
Today, there are more than 4.500 Articles we can sort through, with the help of 860 Keywords
Every document is tagged to various Keywords, so that on average, more than 10 documents are linked to one Keyword. 
This valuable load of information offers you wide possibilities

To work on a subject, without wasting time on empty researches through the Internet 
Writing an article on a subject requests some heavy research. 
Even though Google comes up with pages long of results on the specific subject or word you research, the majority of these websites and the information on them, do not live up to your expectations. allows you, thanks to its 860 Keywords, to quickly end up with a big quantity of documents on a precise subject
Reading these pages will give you some ideas to reflect upon, but also will widen a subject you knew limited things about. 

To glance through a subject soon to be exposed/presented by a Brother in a Lodge
It is frustrating for a Speaker to see that no hands are raised when the Word circulates/spreads. 
But, it does not mean that the Brother wasn’t heard. It neither proves that there is a lack of interest in the subject from BB.·. and SS .·. 
On the contrary, the collective soul of the Lodge needs each one to contribute to the work delivered by the Speaker. 
Even if the valuable disposed time to prepare questions and contributions is often limited, we ought to work on developing those subjects. makes it possible to read effectively, at least one document, that will be on the subject discussed in the Lodge. 
Wages will be the sum, the multiplication of what each one brings. 

To find the publications of your Obedience publishes, with kind permission of the Obedience, some Articles/Reports and Reviews. All of them are available in PDF format. All the articles from those selections are also separately published, in HTML format. 

To discover the publications of the other Obediences 
Even if all F.·. M .·. have the same purposes, the different presentations of these publications enhance our road towards the light by discovering other approaches on the subjects.

  •  Our own symbols with other manners to decipher them
  •  Other symbols with details of their use
 Often, it motivates Freemasons to travel and visit the nearby Lodges. 

To find references to a Book dealing with the topic of the/your study 
Shelves of bookshops are often poorly equipped with Masonic Books and we are also victims of lots of empty and false advertising on the Internet. 
In the, nothing of that kind occurs: Keywords indicate you the exact Books, linked to your research. 
As of today's date, about forty Titles are offered. Within some months, there should be more than 250 Titles. 
To help your BB\ and SS\ with your reflections/ideas 
Losing the fruits of your labor would be definitely a pity. 
BB and SS of your Lodge benefit a great deal from your presentation when you are the Speaker. It is useful for the others to use your knowledge, so they can elevate their own reflection/thoughts. 
The publication of your works on is for free. Do not hesitate to share the Light. 
They will be posted with the appropriate discretion. 
It is a way to "continue on the outside, the work initiated in the Temple". 

So many good reasons to visit, at least once biweekly. 

The 25th of October, 2014

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