Letter to the WM


The Debhir

231, Rue Saint Honoré

75 008 Paris

Non-profit organization

W\ M\ T\ B\ P\ M\ and +


Websites: wwww.thedebhir.com and www.thedebhir-edit.com are online since the 1st of October, 2014.

They aim at:

The works which can be at everyone’s disposition are published with the aim of presenting to the outside world something that has been initiated inside the Temple.

Articles are published according to the exclusive will of the writers and published entirely/ in a complete version. Only the visual style of it and the fonts are edited to ensure uniformity to all the publications.
They are then assigned by "Keywords" according to the writers Degree.

The works from all the Obediences are accepted and welcomed.

The origin: Obedience, Lodge Number, Distinctive details, Signature initials, could be published only if desired.

The site is managed by the Non-profit organization, in accordance to the 1901 Association Bill.

It is ad-free and will remain this way. It does not authorize enabled Cookies.

All of the published Documents are for free and do not require any paid subscription for access.
On an indicative basis, the number of followers of the French website grows up every month. It receives 5.000 visitors per day, who consult approximately 350.000 pages per month (*).

The page "The Benefits of an online Masonic Library" mentions the advantages that come from consulting this website.
Once you are convinced by the arguments on this page, it would be greatly appreciated if you could also mention it in your Lodge.

Also, "The Poster" is intended to be placed on the Mosaic Squares or in the Wet Rooms.

The page “Training of the Apprentices and Fellow Crafts“aims at helping you with your tasks.

I leave you my hearts blessings, W\M\T\P\G\M\ and + , hoping you can find it in everyone’s best interest to share this information with the FF\ and/or SS\ of your Lodge.

If there happens to be a refusal of participation, would it be possible to inform me about the reasons of it, so we can use it for improvements.


I would be glad to answer any of your questions: