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Q: Concerning Collections of Articles and workshops of Apprentices and Fellow Crafts... This is a praiseworthy initiative, which is regrettably going to encourage to copy and paste. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to offer information and data sheets strictly to the Apprentice or the Fellow Craft, so that the Masters reflections and thoughts are kept authentic?
A: I understand the concern about the copy and paste, but in supervised workshops, SS are going to know the contents of the Collections. 
It would thus be necessary to have a lot of nerve to do so. It would be very risky and would be subject to many conflicts. I think that it is the contrary which is going to happen. The AA
\ and the DC\ will not dare.

Nothing of such type has existed before.
It is often difficult for a Warden to lead a workshop. Especially if we have little exposure to the teaching/training.
The idea of "Ways of thought" and "Data sheets" is excellent. Now, it would be good to draft them.
To make Collections with qualitative articles is still a tough goal to achieve. Why not draft some index forms during workshops?
These "Ways of reflection” and "Forms" would be then added to the selection of the available Collections.

Q:  Don’t you think it would be necessary to protect the publications of each degree by the password suited to the Grade?
Q: I am quite shocked that the access to the publications does not require a password
A: In the published articles, there are:
- The ones that are free for use on the Internet. The link at the top of each article gives referral to the website from which it was taken.
- The articles received by are collected to be published without Password and those who send them are well-aware of that Furthermore, it is said that the FM do live with secrets! To publish and secure with a Password, and moreover separately sorting based on the Grade, would prove our detractors right.
By publishing freely our works, we prove them wrong.

Q: ...we work on emulation and thus there are no "Articles" in this Rite, we present a "work"; which is somehow less complex than an "Article".
A: All the works are welcome.

Q: ...some lazy FM\ can be tempted to come and draw from the website, the work they ought to do themselves
A: It is naive to think that the (old) M
\ who are present in Lodge, can be so easily fooled. A copied work has, generally, a non-coherent logic and does not correspond to the character of the F\ exposing it. Furthermore, the questions that would follow, shows that the F\ did not work on his subject.

Q:  Articles that we create here are in Spanish, would those be considered by you? Will they be accepted?
A: We have not yet planned to publish in Spanish, but everything has to start somewhere. Simply, to begin we would need the translation of the titles to choose "Keywords".

Q: Articles exposed in the Lodge should be kept “inside its walls”.
A: If we want to evolve outside of the Temple, and expand what was initiated inside, why not publish freely?

Q: Why do we need to make our work/articles public?
A: First of all, it is not mandatory to share your work with Writing an article takes considerable time. Isn’t it a pity and frustrating to see that this work can’t be useful to other FM
\ someone in search of the Light?

Q:  Aren’t there enough published books already, so that there is no need for each individual to publish his work?
A: Is it sufficient that only Grand Masters and just some authors publish their works? Doesn’t it seem that we are all getting to the same point, but in a slow manner? And individual works will definitely pave the way for some unique thoughts.

Q:  Certain articles do not qualify for publishing. Then what?
A: Every reader, of let’s say a novel, is able to state for himself the quality of that writing. It is the same with articles. It can be also mentioned, that sometimes F\ or S\ present their unfinished works by request of the WM, just to know where they stand with their “path”.

Q:  Publishing articles will allow someone to use that information for their own presentation...
A: For every article we have to draft, we look for details/inspiration on the subject in libraries, from the ideas of our Grand Masters and/or of our Intellectual Masters. Why should we then ignore and not benefit from the thoughts of our other Brothers?

Q: Wouldn’t it be wiser to leave free access only to the works of the 1st Degree? The rest to be password protected.
A: A large number of documents are reachable freely in bookshops/libraries. Most are of different categories: intellectual, psychological, of thoughts, etc. much above our actual/present knowledge. If we find some publications to be too difficult/ complex to understand, we can always limit/remove the access to them.

Q: What about when the works of the Masters and those of Fellow Crafts and Apprentices are mixed together?
A: I personally compare the works of my Masters, as stones on which I am going to be able to build something of my own,but also as lights that guide me on my way.

Q: ...I would well agree to publish my articles, but with a "Password". Is this possible?
A: Due to many requests in this domain, we plan that FM
\ wishing so, can publish his works with a "Password" attached. For each Degree, the free part will stay as it is today. A part with "Password" for every Grade will be integrated soon.

Q: The Freemasonry is not a school or a faculty for exhibiting our knowledge...
A: The website does not exist to exhibit any knowledge. Articles are published anonymously and are there simply to enlighten on specific subjects.

Q: The FM... it is a personal initiative and it requires a personal research/approach...
A: In order to succeed in something, you have to build a strong foundation for it, and how can you do that if there is no initial source/Light to guide you? Therefore, having a common ground and some details of that experience from other Brothers do indeed benefit you.” let Apprentices and Fellow Crafts read articles of higher degrees is not normal/unacceptable...
A: The specialized bookshops actually already offer the possibility of acquiring works of any Degrees, and nobody finds it improper.

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