Visiting Rate

The "Visiting rate" of a document, of a title or subtitle of a book, of a text from the book’s back cover is a complex calculation procedure occurring in the following way.

Preliminary Explanations
The statistics of website show a total of 835 "Keywords" and 3.724 published articles, on the 31st of October, 2012.
The statistics, provided by the host of the website, indicate that:

  • Every day, approximately 4.000 Internet users visit it,
  • These visitors, read through an  average of 3,5 pages
  • The calculations of the visits are done for every page separately. Each page has its own meter.
At the end of every month, meters are reviewed and analyzed with the help of specialized software.
The meters calculating the visits of articles, for a given "Keyword" are compiled.
They are then divided by the number of articles linked to the "Keyword".
We thus have, for every "Keyword", an available meter with an extremely fine value of the attraction of the diverse "Keywords" for the Internet users.

How to measure a "Rate of Visits"
Each word from a text in an article, or title, subtitle, text from the back cover, is compared with 850 "Keywords" contained on the website of
Once equality is found, we take the meter data of the "Keyword".
And same is done for the other words of the text, title, subtitles, and texts from the back cover.
Thus, the addition of meters for each word present in the text, title, subtitle or text from the back cover gives a certain total.
These totals are called "Visiting rates".

Remarks on the "Visiting rates"
These values vary from month to month, and/or from quarter to quarter because they depend on the visiting number on the website, and on the number of pages seen during these periods of time.
Thus, they cannot be retained as comparable values from month to month or from quarter to quarter.
On the other hand, they can be used for statistical comparison at any given point.

Use of the "Visiting rates"
At a given moment, we can compare, for example, several possibilities of titles and subtitles for the same book.
It is the same for the back cover's text or for an article.
This makes it possible to measure the impact of what is measured.

These measures are of course contestable. But they have the merit to exist.

This text was revised on October, the 10th of 2012.

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