Specifications for publication of Articles

To give some consistency to the pages and the usage of Keywords on the website TheDebhir.com, the following specifications are applied.

A single line
Text Times New Roman 12 Normal
A table of three compartments:
  • 100 pixels on the left: Obedience in summary. UN = If unknown.
  • 680 pixels in the center: Lodge: UN or NP or distinctive title, Orient, country.
Example: Lodge: xxxxxxxxx - Orient of yyyyyyyyy (N° of Lodge will not be indicated)
UN = uknown, NP = not publishable: the Lodge or the author does not wish to publish these details.
Exceptions for "NP". Link to the Lodge's website if existing : website of Lodge, personal website or other website.
The link does not imply that the article is stored on that website.
The link does not imply that the linked website is still in service or is still existing. We would appreciate it, if readers informed us about it.
If a link is added, it has to be operational.
  • 100 pixels on the right: Date of the initial presentation, in profane year. Format: MM/DD/YYY. UN = If unknown.

Body Text
  • 900 pixels
    Titles Times New Roman 24 Bold normal
        A white line before and after the title.
Subtitle Times New Roman 12 Bold normal
Text Times New Roman 12 Normal
Quotation Times New Roman 12 Put quotation marks “...”, in italics or normal.

  • Entirely set out as much as the conditions .HTML will allow it.
  • No white characters in the beginning of line .
  • Try to underline or use bold text only for keywords and important parts.
  • No link, no e-mail address with another website in the text (Except page of www.thedebhir.com).

Justifications of the body text
All the texts and the documents edited by TheDebhir.com and The Debhir Edition are:
  • Left-justified.
  • Unjustified on the right.
Poems or song lyrics are centered.

All the illustrations, as much as possible, must be placed in the center.
Property of images: They consist of the address of the page, a sequential number, then the format (.GIF, .JPG, and so on).
Example of the page 7337-4 which contains 4 pictures: two images .GIF and two others .JPG
Image 1: 7337-4-1.gif, Image 2: 7337-4-2.gif, Image 3: 7337-4-3.JPG, Image 4:

Drawing(s), image(s) and picture(s)
Set out as before if it is not forbidden by the source website.

Signature of the Board
There is no precise set “First name - Surname”,  only if requested by the author.
Simply initials.
No space between first names and a space between first name(s) and surname. Each letter is followed by the Three Points.
Example: JeanPaul Trucmuche: J... P... T...

Footer of the document
A single line

Text Times New Roman 12 Normal
A table of three compartments:
  • 100 pixels to the left: Number of document in the website.
  • 680 pixels in the center: Name of the website with link to the homepage and e-mail.
  • 100 pixels to the right: Three Points.


The Debhir reserves the right to delete all or part of the referrals linked to a submitted article.
In order to not weight down the printings, the referrals in the text will be in limited number: 5 maximum.

Title of the Articles
To be able to place an article in one or in several specific Keyword Lists, TheDebhir.com can modify the title.

Once published, the works will not be modified anymore, only in case of absolute necessity.
The author also has the possibility of asking, via a simple e-mail, this publication to be removed. TheDebhir.com cannot oppose it.

Texts are proofread before publication. However, it is possible to find some "anomalies" when it comes to certain words or phrases/idioms specific to one language only.

Syntax and sentence structures
In these domains, TheDebhir.com does no authorize itself to any corrections.
They remain as the authors sent them to TheDebhir.com. It is thus possible that:
The syntax and the used English does not correspond to common grammar stndards.

New words
A large number of FF and SS use unknown words: either because they do not know the equivalent in other laguage, or because the word does not exist in the English dictionary. The reader will understand the term by the definitions meaning. These words will thus not be corrected.

Pages' background
Unless stated otherwise, all the pages must be on white background.

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