Publication of Articles

Reception of Articles 
Articles are received by as attachment in an e-mail sent to:

Accepted Forms for Documents 
They can be in various formats: .PDF, .DOC, .ODT, and so on … 
The handwritten photocopies (increasingly rare) are not accepted because their processing is too complicated. 

Quality of Articles does not authorize itself any correction in the received articles’ drafting. 
An article is written by a FM, while he’s on his own path in search of Light. 
Only the spelling mistakes, line spacing and the positioning of the illustrations can be revised. 

Processing of Articles 
At reception, Articles are read and then stored to be processed once a month. 
At the beginning of the following month, articles received a month ago are sent to a FM for tailoring according to precise specifications. See further. 
The formatted articles are returned to at the end of the following month. 
They are then allocated according to their corresponding degree. 
The Articles of the Grades 1 - 3 are placed on the website: according to the Keywords contained in the title.
The Articles of the Higher Grades are also placed on the website according to the Grade within which they were developed in Lodge. 

Specifications for Publication 
These specifications, created at the launch of the website in August 2008 are available for consultation on the following link:

Later Corrections 
No request for corrections will be accepted after publication.
Indeed, it is materially not possible for to resume/ redo works already published.

Including Articles into Collections 
The Collections of "The Decade" and "The Quintessence" are constituted by Articles which are or were published on the various websites of L'Edifice,

The selection is made according to several criteria: 

No copyright and no remuneration will be granted for the publication of the articles which already are part of the collections.

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