Who We Are

Who We Are… on the 1st of November, 2014


TheDebhir.com is a non-profit organization under the Associations Bill of 1901 
-         Created on the 10th of October, 2014
-         Declaration accepted by the Prefecture of Paris : In progress 
-         Association N° : In progress
-         Published on JODA N° ---- on : -------- - Announcement N° In progress 
-         In collaboration with the Treasury Department

Address of the Association 
231, Rue Saint Honoré 
75 008 Paris

 Association Objectives
On the 10th of October, 2014, the following websites were published:




The main objectives are the development and the animation of the largest library of Masonic writings in English language on the Internet.
Contents : 
   -         Essays, 
   -         Press articles, 
   -         Blogs - newsletters and journals, reviews and bulletins
   -         Glossary 
   -         Annual  convents
   -         Menus for Agapes 
   -         Collections of Articles 
   -         Masonic Rites Information
   -         Front and back book covers 
   -         Assistance with the workshops of Apprentices and Fellow Crafts 
   -         Contribution to the Widow's Trunk/ Alms-Box
   -         Additional information

The Association withholds from:

     -         Any affiliate advertising,
     -         Enabling cookies in your browser content settings.
     -         Redirecting to any profane merchant sites.

The success of the French website, opened in April 2008, is undeniable.
It has reached:
   -         17 000 000 page views since April 2008,
   -          4 300 average visitors per day in September 2014,
   -         Peak of more than 6 000 visitors per day in October 2014. 

We’re experiencing a monthly 10-15% increase rate in the number of visitors.
The site, TheDebhir.com, contains 10 300 pages for 4 500 articles. They are easily accessed through 860 keywords list. 

Admission and Membership Conditions
(Extract from the articles stored in the  Administrative District of the Essonne)

ARTICLE V – Admission
Membership will be granted only to the candidates that:
     -         Provided documents to be published on the Site, 
     -         Purchased Blue, Blue Plus, Red or Red Plus Subscriptions.
     -         Have acquired collection(s) of publications 
 Both legal entities and natural persons affiliated to L’Edifice (http://www.ledifice.net/) are not eligible.

ARTICLE VI – Membership

Honorary Members are those who have been helpful to the association, as well as the founder of the association. They are exempt from contributions. TheDebhir.com  -  contact@thedebhir.com
- Benefactor Member - anyone who contributes with an amount of $100 in 2015-2016. This sum will be re-evaluated each year by the General Assembly.
- Associate Member -
anyone who has acquired five or more collections of Essays.
- Active Member -
anyone who has registered. Click to see Registration Methods.

 Resources of the Association
(Extract from the articles stored in the Administrative District of the Essonne)... 

ARTICLE VIII – Resources
The resources of the association include:

1.      The annual fees of benefactor members.

2.      The annual fees of active members.

3.      The subsidies from the state, departments,  municipalities or other sponsors,

4.      The contributions of those who consult the site TheDebhir.com

5.      The companies seeking to publish books on TheDebhir.com, showcasing their front and back cover.

6.      The companies seeking to  advertise commercial links to their own site(s) on TheDebhir.com

7.      The sale of Collections of Articles and of Rites,

8.      The other services that the association will provide through its TheDebhir.com site


Taking into consideration that the operating costs are high, the resources of the association are used to cover the professional maintenance of the website.
To this date, the staff of the association has practiced Pro bono work and this will not be subjected to any change.
At the end of the year, the positive balance of the budget is donated to the "Widow’s Trunk/Alms-Box" of various Lodges.

For any question related to the Association and its services, send an email to: 
contact@thedebhir.com or address your questions to the association by post at the above-mentioned address.

The President of the Association

1003A0 The Debhir  -  contact@thedebhir.com \